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PCARD is a company specialized in providing a wide range of services and solutions to the Bank and Payment Industry. These services range from smart card personalization, mobile banking, digital wallets, instant card issuance, EMV chip migration consultancy, credit/debit processing, card inventory tracking and management

Services and Solutions


PCARD offers over 20 different solutions and services all aimed at significantly improving operational efficiency, reducing risk and increasing competitive benefit to shareholders. All PCARD products and service are aimed at providing innovations and increasing customer service. PCARD has an in-house development team who build and support all products designed for domestic and international customers. The services and solutions provided by PCARD range across Banking, Mobile operators and Government.


Enterprise Solutions and Services Approach


The PCARD approach to providing services and enterprise solutions is consultative. A thorough and robust understanding of the business need is always developed as a first stage in the development of any potential solution or service offering provided by PCARD. This approach defines the most important requirements and business need and confirms the scope of all deliverables required by the stakeholders.

Integration and Transition


A key factor in the migration of a service to any third party is the strength of the systems integration team and the robustness of program and project planning. PCARD offers a seamless transition management methodology that is risk adverse and not disruptive to the business entity. PCARD has proven track record of system integration and transition management of high secure and complex services.

Our Prestigious Clients