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Card Personalization


PCARD is one of the largest EMV card personalization bureaus in Saudi Arabia. We provide seven banks with end to end credit, debit and prepaid card personalization for contact and contactless card issuance.

PCARD has a proven record of fast migration that meets bank deadlines.

We provide complete personalization service for all the known chip vendors such as Oberthur, Gemalto, Multos and many others. Also, we have a complete consultancy project management for chip migration.

PCARD is a fully certified card bureau with all the necessary international and domestic accreditations which include Visa, Master Card, Payment Card Industry (PCI) and the Saudi Arabia Monetary Agency (SAMA).


 Services benefits are:

  • Card artwork design certification management

  • Artwork validation and submission for scheme approvals

  • Sourcing and supply chain management of all materials

  • Card personalization testing including sample cards

  • Complete EMV consultancy for the chip migration, new profile migration on all the card types

  • Data preparation and profile segregation for debit and credit cards

  • Chip, magnetic stripe and metal card personalization

  • Quality checking of chip personalization and magnetic stripe encoding

  • Automated quality assurance of personalized and finished cards

  • Quality assurance of card production integrity

  • Card sorting and packing

  • End to end fulfillment and dispatching

  • Complete forecasting, tracking, stock inventory management