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Digital Payments


Mobile payments and NFC are finally mainstream. Major players such as Apple, Google and Samsung are expanding their wallets and payment services worldwide while banks and other service providers are launching their own “Pay” services using the Host Card Emulation (HCE) technology.


Mobile payments are now a reality and we expect that most Financial Institutions will prepare their digital enablement roadmap over the coming year.


PCARD with its partners offers a unique Digital Payment Enablement Platform capable of addressing the market complexity and building a sustainable infrastructure for banks.


The Mobile Payment Platform supports the leading standards, applications and devices to suit your business needs:

  • Consumer to Business: Offer your customers innovative, secure mobile payment options that encourage more transactions and build brand loyalty.
  • Consumer to Consumer: Enable consumers to send and receive money instantly by email, text or in-app transfers.


 Services features are:

  • All the wallet options: whether issuer centric with HCE or third party wallets such as Android, Apple or Samsung Pay;
  • All the security options: We can digitize cards in any secure element whether hardware or software based;
  • All the technical assets: the platform supports all the steps from Digitization (enrollment, provisioning) to (de)Tokenization and also provides the mobile client to support security and contactless functionalities.


 Services benefits are:

  • Speed and convenience: mobile payments must be easier than cards or cash
  • New services: discounts, VIP treatments, promotions, early access, inside information for more value
  • Complete security: with powerful protection processes that instil total confidence
  • Total freedom: pay for anything, anywhere, at any time, by any method
  • Future enhancements: stay ahead of the curve with new applications and services