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The PCARD MPIN solution has been designed to distribute a PIN to a known recipient upon request from any location where a mobile connection is available.

The cardholder applies for the card and provides his mobile phone number. The key code is shared between the card issuer and the cardholder. The card issuer provides PIN file data to PCARD PIN Solution.

PCARD PIN sends alert SMS to cardholder that the PIN is ready. The cardholder sends an SMS with the key code. After cardholder authentication, the PIN code is sent to the registered mobile phone number via SMS. The cardholder can request the PIN code immediately after receiving his card.



  • PCARD PIN strictly follows the most recent PCI security requirements for electronic PIN distribution

  • VISA/Master Card security compliant solution

  • PCARD PIN uses a completely separate channel for PIN distribution that is more secured that the traditional postal delivery of PIN mailers

  • Integrated card and PIN for in branch card issuance with immediate usability


  • Business requirement is met by eliminating the cost of mailing operation and all external charges associated with courier services involved with PIN mailer distribution

  • As the PIN is delivered by secure electronic means, the risk of tampering or loss of  the PIN information is significantly mitigated

  • PINS are delivered anywhere, anytime with a 24/7/365 high availability

  • The solution supports any mobile handset for PIN delivery

  • Increase customer satisfaction with a combined PCARD PIN and PCARD Instant Solution